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"Jay Mazini has featured on Arab Scope a handful of times and loves the concept of uniting Arabs and Non-Arabs,  not only around the country but around the globe. Jay has featured not only to entertain the viewers but most importantly educate the youth with his knowledge and motivational speeches. Jay has been a motivation to so many people to strive for greatness and accomplish their dreams. He loves each and every single one of his supporters and loves ArabScopers just as much! Arab Scope appreciates him for his love for people and his great attitude towards others."




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"Arab Scope is an amazing supportive platform for the Arab community to really show off who they are and want they do for massive exposure. My experience was great as it gained me more attention and a bigger following. I heard of Arab Scope through mutual friends like Abu Batata and Abidjay"



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"Arab scope is one of the many reasons why I get on snapchat. I heard about Arab Scope from one of my friends who has been featured. Arab Scope tends to bring all of us middle easterners together. Not only do we spread awareness about what’s happening in the Middle East, we talk about what’s happening with Muslims or Arabs all around the world! Arab Scope is a way for us Arabs to connect and laugh with each other. I’m very grateful that i was featured on Arab Scope. I met a ton of new friends and learned many things including things about Islam!"



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"I initially heard of Arab Scope through Twitter and automatically added it on Snapchat. Being one of the only Diaspora Arabs in my geographic location, I felt secluded and alone. Not culturally being around those that understood where my blood actually came from. To see so many others like me in the United States and all over the world created a sense of community for every young arab out there. I felt the urge to actually broadcast who I am on this platform. In return, I got so many heartfelt messages from people all around the globe. It honestly was an experience I will never forget, and an experience I would do again in a heartbeat!"




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"Hey, I’m Khaled; a 20 year entrepreneur who created the best natural and organic beard and hair products in the world, called The Habibi Life! I love Arab Scope. I went on it about 4 times and the people that are on there are AMAZING. It sure helped me connect with the arab community around the world and connected me with lots of amazing people. In February 2019, my sisters told me about it and said I should feature because the arab scope founders said they wanted businesses to go on every Friday, and I got the VERY first episode❤️I love it, I don’t think I can put into words on how much I loved connecting with the arab community around the world!"




"Arab Scope is a great platform to show how diverse the Arab culture is across the world and it’s always nice to see that we can all be the same despite all our differences. The experience was GREAT!"


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"My experience on Arab Scope was most definitely one of the best social media experiences because on a platform like this there can be some hate but I was just being myself having fun and all I got was positivity and I loved it because I tried to come on Arabscope and keep it positive and I received the same amount of love."